Leaf in Stasis, Leaf in Grace

Here is a fall season poem I wrote 2 years ago in November 2013.
Thanks for reading.

Leaf in Stasis, Leaf in Grace

This day is good for readying —
A fitting time to trim the yard
of knotted, leafless branches —
forsythia gone wild in lethargic,
hot, dense summer air that,
in the depths of August,
seemed to drift toward autumn
below nature’s posted speed;
Nevertheless, gone now.
Forever gone and the season finally
settled to November.

One leaf rests in limbo,
suspended in clear water thickened by the cold,
captured by the fragile skim
of early autumn ice.
Perfect, unmarred leaf,
now bleached to white,
a contrast to the bottom of its
dark black plastic pool.
Remarkable albino leaf in stasis,
a tranquil, oval beauty in repose.

The sun comes round
and touches on the surface
of the water,
warming and releasing,
stirring instinct.
It is time for the leaf to move.
I stay and watch
as it begins the final soft, sweet dance,
swaying with amazing grace
until it gently touches down to rest.
I watch
that it might not dance alone.