Connecting with Sound

I think today of connecting not with words, not with the sounds of friends and family, not with the varied plinks and plunks and plops of a home stretching its frame. I think of connecting via the absence of those things. And, so, today I share with you my poem “Sound” written on a warm summer day as I thought the same thoughts I think on this beautiful snowy morning.


If I woke up in early shadows
of a morning without sound,
no songs or chirps or chatter
between birds of different
families and nature;

no drone of driving madness
from the highway two hills
distant from my house;

no buzz of wisp-winged wasp
traveling toward the fence
to find her morning breakfast;

no almost soundless whisper
of dew-soaked shrubbery leaves,
their faces turning up to soak the sun,
concealing mist-bathed underbellies
that shine silver in the dampness
of the night;

if there were no drip of coffee,
no added plop of cream
or shuffling of my flip-flops
toward early morning’s chair,

no ticking, ticking, ticking
and no off-key chime to tell me
that it’s almost time to leave;

If I heard no sound
–and knew that it was absent –
Then, surely,
I would be compelled to sing.

“Sound” was published by Still Crazy Literary Magazine, January 2013. You may see more of Still Crazy at


One Response to Connecting with Sound

  1. Karla Leary says:

    Fantastic Penny, super-love the Coffee sounds 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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