"Fish" in the Forest

I rarely write a poem about a person, but, after I read Born on a Blue Day, Daniel Tammet’s memoir about his life with autism and synesthesia, I was reminded of gifts we receive from circumstances thrust upon us. I wondered what colors I would use to describe others. I now have a small collection of “Colors” poems. This is the first, written about a friend.


When I think of you in colors
I see the green of deep soft forests,
the moss a cushion for a mind to rest,
the shadows of a thousand trees’
umbrella stillness
holding secrets from the skies
lest clouds intrude their darkness,
but accepting pieces of the sun
and meeting them with pleasure and delight.

And when I think of you in colors,
I see rich, deep teal of oceans,
far away where others can’t encroach,
that is where you swim and play with joy
beneath the surface
in the sweetness and the turbulence of currents,
sometimes sinking down to darkness
where nothing has an eye to watch;
yet, still, you hide from all,
then float up toward the light to breathe
with smile of quiet caution;
then rolling, stretching, basking
in the warmth and in the wash,
you find the simple pleasures
before you finally return
to deeper tones of teal.

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